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Safety is Always Our Top Priority All Year Long at Legacy

At Legacy Express Trucking safety is our top priority. Legacy’s goal all day and every day is
delivering goods on schedule with zero harm to truckers or to the public. Every year the United
States are pounded by snow, and there are always plenty of accidents that occur. Some of them are
not avoidable, but in many cases, they are preventable. Commercial trucks are at risk more than a
regular-sized vehicles during dangerous winter conditions. No matter how experienced a driver
can be winter weather can present challenges.

In addition, our safety department at Legacy Express Trucking prepares and requires winter trainings for our drivers to ensure they have the knowledge needed to deal with weather conditions while on the road. A driver is not dispatched any load until winter training requirements are met. At the end of the training tests are issued to drivers under training to ensure that all knowledge has been understood. Trainings are held in our offices and conducted by our driver trainers. Real life scenarios are presented to drivers in the training and advice is provided on how to deal with them.

During the winter weather training sessions, the following topics are covered:

a) Weather Advisories
b) Space Management
c) Time Management
d) Speed
e) No Cruise Control
f) Dangers of Weather Changes
g) Bridges Freezing
h) Dangers of Black Ice
i) Trailer Tires Freezing
j) Removing Snow from Trucks & Trailer
k) Finding Proper Parking
l) Braking
m) Fuel
n) Winter Driving Essentials (work & personal)
o) Minimize Distraction

To ensure top service, communication is very important between our drivers and the team.
Therefore, Legacy Express Trucking has dispatchers and safety coaches around the clock, 24
hours a day, 7 days a week to address any concerns a driver may have after hours. All company
drivers are advised whenever they feel unsafe to pull over immediately and inform dispatch.
Rushing a driver to make a delivery time is never the right decision. As always, at Legacy
Express Trucking safety is number one.


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