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Behind the Wheel; A Day in the Life of a Driver

We asked one of our valued drivers (Issa Grayeb) at Legacy Express Trucking Inc. to walk us through a typical day of his, so that we could share with you the amazing work that goes into delivering your goods on time and in the best way possible. Our drivers are our top priority, and we’re always happy to give them credit where credit is due. Join us as we step into their world and see what it takes to be a part of one of the best teams in the business.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up and what time do you get up?

  • The time of my appointment determines my daily routine, but usually, I wake up earlier than the sunrise. I have a 90-minute to shower, freshen up, and prepare food, snacks, and drinks which I will take with me for the day.


What makes you motivated and excited to start your journey?

  • Every day brings something new and exciting. From new places to fresh faces, my experiences are constantly changing. No two days are alike, making every moment a unique adventureز


In order to ensure that you don’t miss any important tasks throughout the day, whom do you need to contact?

  • I always stay in touch with my family to ensure that I don’t miss out on anything in my personal life. As a driver, talking with them is a great way to pass the time. When it comes to work, I am fortunate to have a network of colleagues at Legacy who keep me updated on any changes.  


 Which procedures are required during your load? 

  • As a responsible driver, my top priority is the safety of my customers and myself. Therefore, I always begin by carefully planning my route and estimating the time needed to reach the destination. 

   In addition to route planning, I also take great care to ensure that all equipment is in proper working order and safe to use. This guarantees that there will be no issues during loading and unloading, enabling me to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

To maintain clear communication with dispatch and ensure a successful delivery, I provide regular updates on my progress and ask any necessary questions along the way. With these procedures in place, I can deliver cargo with confidence, knowing that I have done everything possible to ensure a safe and timely arrival for the benefit of all parties involved.


In case of emergency situations, what measures do you take?

  • Fortunately, I have yet to encounter any significant emergencies. However, in the event of an emergency, my first priority is to remain calm and assess the situation. I will address any immediate concerns that I am capable of handling while ensuring the safety of myself and those around me. I will then promptly contact my dispatch for guidance and support in managing the situation according to proper procedures. (More heads are better than one to find solutions)


What is the duration required for problem-solving?

  • Thankfully, Legacy’s problem-solving abilities are impressive. Swift and efficient, they address any issues or queries I have in no time. In rare instances where a resolution takes longer, their team ensures to provide frequent updates and transparent explanations for any delays.


How do customers respond to your services, whether you deliver on time or face delays?

  • Our valued customers have consistently exhibited professionalism and cordiality in all my interactions with them. I have yet to encounter any issues with any of the ones I’ve been to so far. 


As a driver, what would possibly be the most challenging aspect to encounter?

  • Traffic/Rush hour and road rage drivers. Thankfully other than that I don’t experience many difficulties as a driver.


What is the funniest thing you faced/ or might face?

  • I would say it’s another truck driver. Whether it’s at truck stops, customers, or on the road, they always have fun stories and experiences to share.


Do you enjoy what you are doing, and do you feel that it’s interesting?

  • I take pleasure in my job and every day brings an opportunity to witness novel places and experiences. Being a driver for Legacy has allowed me to travel more than I ever have before.


What do you do in your “reset ” time?

  • I complete all household tasks, grocery shopping, spending time with loved ones, and above all, finding relaxation and peace at home.


How do you typically conclude your daily routine?

I make sure that I send all necessary paperwork, videos, and information about the day’s load to dispatch, park the truck and make sure everything is in good order the same way it was when I started, and enjoy the ride home in my car that always feels smaller then when I rode it to the truck in the morning. 


What inspired you to choose Legacy? Additionally, I would appreciate your thoughts on the services provided by our company.

  • At Legacy, a pleasant working environment awaits you. Our team members are not only professional but also friendly towards each other. Witnessing these friendly interactions within our workforce will make you feel at home. It’s a place where kindness thrives, and mutual respect is highly valued. Moreover, Dispatch and safety are always quick to respond and help with any questions I may have. I also think that the overseas after-hours team is fantastic, there is always someone available at legacy 24/7.