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Flatbed Trucking Services​​

We provide expert Flatbed trucking services to move your goods safely, securely, and on-time.

Why Use Our Flatbed Trucking Services​

Legacy Express Trucking is an asset-based carrier that specializes in shipments. Our top-tier flatbed transportation services are designed to meet your unique cargo needs with professionalism, reliability, and precision. Flatbed trucking is a type of transportation service that involves the use of flatbed trucks to carry cargo. These trucks are distinctive because they have an open trailer bed with no sides or roof. This open design makes them suitable for transporting goods that are large, oversized, heavy, or irregularly shaped and cannot be accommodated by standard enclosed trailers or containers.

Our Flatbed Trucking Services:

  • Heavy Equipment Transportation: Our flatbeds are equipped to transport heavy and oversized equipment, ensuring safe and efficient delivery.
  • Construction Materials Hauling: From machinery to building materials, we handle it all. Your construction cargo is in expert hands.
  • Steel, Lumber, and Building Materials: We specialize in delivering steel, lumber, and various construction materials securely and on schedule.
  • Specialized Cargo Solutions: Delicate and fragile cargo? Our experienced team ensures specialized handling for items that require extra care during transport.


Contact Legacy Express today to discuss your flatbed trucking requirements. We’re ready to provide you with top-tier flatbed services to ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and promptly